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Natural Benefits from Jeju, Innisfree

Innisfree, which holds the meaning of an island of healing for the skin, is Korea’s first naturalism beauty brand delivering the natural benefits of the clean and pure Jeju and offering healthy beauty to customers.

Clean and refreshing air, soft and warm sunshine, enriched and healthy soil, unpolluted and clear water. Jeju, which holds the four energies of nature, is full of pure and genuine beauty Innisfree aims to deliver to customers. Innisfree offers outstanding products of Jeju’s natural ingredients embodying the clean and pure natural environment, including its green tea, orchid and volcanic scoria lines, at reasonable prices. It is loved and adored, trusted by many customers in Korea as well as other countries across Asia.

Innisfree also pursues harmony between green nature and healthy beauty. It is dedicated to achieving eco-friendly green life to create a space where nature and skin heal.

by Numbers


Year of Brand Launch

1788 +

Number of Global Stores
(as of end of 2018)

20 million

Cumulative Global Sale
(The Green Tea Seed Serum, as of June 2018)

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