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Premium Hair Care Brand Embodying Asian Wisdom and Beauty

In Eastern philosophy, the energy of the sky is called ‘Yul’ and the energy of the Earth is called ‘Ryo’. ‘Yul’ is yang (陽) and ‘Ryo’ is yin (陰), while ‘Yul’ represents the outer and ‘Ryo’ represents the inner. Only when ‘Yul’ and ‘Ryo’ are in balance with neither being too much or too less does the two create a dynamic yet balanced rhythm. This perfect state is called ‘Yulryo’.

If the hair is ‘Yul’, then the scalp would be ‘Ryo’. Ryo (呂) is a hair care brand that cares for the scalp in order to nurture youthful, luxuriant, silky, healthy, and therefore beautiful hair. Every hair problem from hair loss, thinning and loss of hair to rough and dry hair all stems from the scalp.

Ryo brings unhealthy scalp back to its perfect balance, ‘Yulryo’.

by Numbers

60 +

Oriental Medicine Hair Care Research Performance

1 trillion+

Global Cumulative Sales Performance
(Ryo brand products, 2018)


No. 1 brand in Oriental Medicine Shampoo in Korea for 9 Consecutive Years (2018)