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Amore Beauty Park, the Hub of Human Interactions

An Inclusive Space Integrating Diverse Strengths A space for strategies and ideas on organic organization movement and efficient production by integrating and linking systems of production, distribution and consumption.

Amore Beauty Park,
the Hub of
Human Interactions

An Inclusive Space Integrating Diverse Strengths

Amorepacific Beauty Park Osan is a research lab, a place of collaboration, and a center that manages the overall purchasing process. It is where various strengths are integrated, a network is connected and integrated in a physical space, as well as a space of ‘ideas’ and ‘strategies.’

As a spatial network of production, sales, and distribution systems, Osan Amore Beauty Park is where complex elements and multiple agents are connected and merged. Amorepacific Beauty Park Osan is equipped with sophisticated digital information systems to meet the demand of its incredible production volume. Here, various spaces and systems information are shared, and an integrated organization that moves in a flexible manner according to different situations is formed.

Space for Sharing and Communication

A Space where Sharing and Interactions Are Formed

Osan Amore Beauty Park provides a key physical node in this space of interaction and communication. From consumers, partners, botanical scientists to corporate historians and critics, Osan Amore Beauty Park physically brings them together to see and protect these associations through its physical spaces.

The Archive, a museum of Amorepacific’s diverse materials

The architecture observes how people move and perform in spaces, how they interact with things and people. People interact with each other with this sense of attitude towards space.

Intellectual, Ecological Ingredients of The Company

The Company’s Intellectual Asset, the Source of the Sense

Amore Beauty Park is a space that shares the journey of Amorepacific in writing a history of beauty. It is a space of ‘production’ that contains the story of Amorepacific, which began from the small seed of a camellia in the kitchen of Yun Dok-jeong, as well as the company’s intellectual asset and ecological resources. It shares the story of Amorepacific, a company that is growing to become the kitchen of the world, by unveiling New Beauty realized through longstanding research and by taking a close look into our customers’ lives.

Amore Factory of Amorepacific’s beautiful journey

Osan Amore Beauty Park is Amorepacific’s core production site, while at the same time a place that illustrates its history and vision, and a ‘shining star’ where all intellectual assets are held.

Explore our history at Amore Factory

Amorepacific Amore Factory offers a moment to experience the history and philosophy of the company that creates beauty that changes the world.