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Everyday Benefits Delivered to Your Skin and Mind

HANYUL delivers everyday benefits to the skin and mind through products that hold the essence of the energy and time of Korea’s nature captured by modern technology and by realizing its story in a sensuous way.

It identifies the special benefits that each material found in Korea’s nature hold and rediscovers the everlasting vitality the ingredient accumulated throughout its time in the lives of people. HANYUL develops processing methods of effectively extracting the benefits of each natural ingredient using modern technology inspired by the wisdom of life passed on for generations. It offers mild formula that is not a burden on the skin and clean prescription design that excludes harmful or controversial substances, delivering a comfortable yet definite effect on the skin. Beyond delivering safe benefits through its products, HANYUL brings the feel, color, scent, and story of Korea’s natural ingredients to life in the product, packaging, and contents in a sensuous way so that customers can meet and feel a small world of nature every day. HANYUL communicates in line with its value of realizing the benefits in the skin, mind and everyday life, engaging with customers in a sensuous way, and materializing and spreading the value in their lives.

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