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AMOREPACIFIC set out five sustainable management goals as part of '2030 AMORE Beautiful Promise' with its commitment to a better society and environment.

With focus on two guiding pillars and five goals, AMOREPACIFIC will endeavor to promote sustainable consumption among customers, contribute to making a better society for all, address global climate change with others, and seek co-existence with nature through purpose-driven brand activities until 2030.

2030 A MORE Beautiful Promise

고객·사회와의 동행
Move Forward Together with Customers and Society Read more

Amorepacific will continue purpose driven brand activities that promote sustainable consumption and contribute to a stronger society in ways that enhance our customers’ lifestyles.

  • 1. Instill the values of environmental and social friendliness into 100% of our new products and pursue endeavors that encourage sustainable living.
  • 2. Promote diversity and inclusion across all our global workplaces and beyond, while seeking harmonious growth with all our stakeholders.
대자연과의 공존
Coexist Responsibly with Nature Read more

Amorepacific will continue to address the climate crisis together with others and seek to coexist in harmony with the natural world around us.

  • 3. Achieve carbon neutrality and zero waste to landfill across our production sites worldwide.
  • 4. Reduce the use of plastics in product packaging and create 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable plastic packaging materials.
  • 5. Invest KRW 10 billion into biodiversity conservation efforts and increase the use of RSPO certified palm oil to 90% or more by 2023

Key Achievements

Move Forward Together with Customers and Society

  • 88 %

    Ratio of new products that incorporate the value of environmental or social friendliness.

  • 596.2 tons

    Amount of new plastic reduced in packaging.

  • 6.26 billion

    Funds spent on strengthening the economic capacity of socially vulnerable groups and supporting healthy lives of citizens.

Coexist Responsibly with Nature

  • 18.5 %

    Rate of conversion to renewable energy

  • 150 tons

    Amounts of used bottles collected through GREENCYCLE.

  • 41.7 %

    Ratio of RSPO-certified palm oil use.

Amorepacific CSR Site

Amorepacific Foundation
Amorepacific Foundation was established to discover the value of culture by supporting academic, educational, and cultural projects, and to contribute to communicating those values with the public. Since its establishment in 1973, the foundation has supported academic research with the keywords of ‘Asian beauty’ and ‘women and culture’, and strives to ensure that the results lead to the creation of new values.
Amorepacific Welfare Foundation
The AmorePacific Welfare Foundation was established in 1982 to promote welfare and the quality of life of women in the vulnerable sectors of our society. The Foundation helps women in need in the community, including single mothers and victims of domestic violence, to become fully functioning, independent members of the society and to lead happy, fulfilling lives.
Korea Breast Cancer Foundation
Established in 2000, Korea Breast Cancer Foundation is the country’s first non-profit organization for breast health entirely funded by Amorepacific Corporation. It has since promoted the Pink Ribbon campaign to improve public awareness of breast health, along with other various breast health promotional activities such as breast health lectures and funding breast surgery to low-income women and research projects.