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Amorepacific Group Releases 2019 Sustainability Report ‘A MORE Beautiful World’

Global 2020-06-04

Amorepacific Group released its 2019 Sustainability Report ‘A MORE Beautiful World’, which contains the sustainable management activities and performance of last year.

The report holds three pillars of promoting sustainable life, achieving inclusive growth with social and economic communities, and contributing to building a circular economy for future generations, based on the 2020 Sustainable Operation Vision ‘A MORE Beautiful World’ declared in 2017.

This year’s Sustainability Report, especially, includes the various activities the Group implemented to contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted in 2015 by the UN General Assembly, specifically, SDG 12 ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’ and SDG 5 ‘Gender Equality’, as a company that grew by serving women.

Amorepacific Group established ‘Less Plastic’ policy to enable all stakeholders to understand environmental and social values and to shift towards leading a ‘sustainable life’. Less Plastic policy reduces unnecessary consumption of plastic and recommends the use of plastic that is easy to discard and be recycled. The Group also strengthened its responsibility to the environment by setting forth a goal to reduce the use of plastics by 700 tons by 2022.

New measures such as launching new products that are environmentally and socially friendly, creating sustainable stores, and developing eco-friendly paper visitor passes have led to an achievement of reducing 159 tons of plastic as of 2019.

In addition, Amorepacific Group has continued various efforts to achieve healthy inclusive growth together with marginalized groups among its members, business partners, and local communities. The ‘20 by 20 Commitment’ is a promise that began in 2017 to beautify women’s lives by supporting the health, well-being, and economic empowerment of 200,000 women by 2020. And the cumulative number of recipients of the ‘20 by 20 Commitment’ as of 2019 was 441,458, which is a 221% achievement against the goal.

The Group also provides various support to help people with disabilities, who can be marginalized in the labor market due to physical challenges, gain economic independence. Some of the examples include health keepers at Laon, a massage center at Amorepacific headquarters, packaging workers at WeDream, a standard workplace for people with disability, job positions at CarOn, a new car steam washing service launched in 2019 as well as nail artists at inninail by innisfree.

Amorepacific Group contributed to responding to climate change and building a circular economy through the efficient use of resources, saving energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emission. It led in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by actively using eco-friendly renewable energy. And in 2019, it decreased GHG intensity by 9.4% using renewable energy, continuing its effort to preserve the planet’s environment.

To achieve recirculation of resources and reduction of waste, the Group committed to extracting new functional ingredients from green tea byproducts since 2016. And as a result, it successfully extracted ‘green tea polysaccharide powder’ and ‘Camellia sinensis leaf dietary fiber’ from green tea byproducts that used to be thrown away, turning them into products of green technology. The Group reduced more than 90% of waste generated in the process of manufacturing green tea extract-based health functional foods. It continued its healthy and beautiful journey, with VITAL BEAUTIE’s Meta Green, a product that contains functional ingredients extracted from green tea byproducts, receiving the Green Technology Product certification (GT-19-01505).

Since Amorepacific Group released its first sustainability report for the first time in Korea’s beauty industry back in 2009, it has published sustainability reports every year for the past 12 years. This year’s report, especially, focused on storytelling-centric content to communicate in a more friendly manner with customers of all ages, opening microsites to access the report via computer or mobile.

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