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Shared Growth with Partners

Supporting Farms Cultivating Raw Materials

Osulloc Farm dreams of and pursues to grow together with ginseng farms.

Osulloc Farm developed a new organic way to cultivate ginseng and shared the method with ginseng farms. This was a part of our effort to help struggling farms due to recent issues regarding residual pesticides in ginseng and place of origin, which resulted in a decline in both consumer trust and consumption of Korean ginseng.

We provided consultations and demonstrations for farmers on raising organic ginseng, while establishing a structured purchasing process by improving the level of testing for pesticides and signing purchase agreements with farms that use organic methods to grow ginseng. As a result, we regained consumer trust in ginseng as a raw ingredient, provided a stable market for ginseng farms, and reduced environmental impact caused by ginseng farming. Osulloc Farm strives to build relationships and strengthen collaboration where farms, consumers, and Osulloc Farm can all grow together.