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Fostering A Great Place to Work

Fostering Global Talent

Amorepacific Group responds to the demand for global talent through its global talent development program, ‘Hyecho’.

The Hyecho program is a global talent development platform established in 2011 to foster talents in preemptively responding to the demand for talent, sending 208 members to 27 countries as of 2018.

The Hyecho program is conducted in line with Amorepacific Group’s business strategy. There are two types of Hyecho – ‘City Hyecho’, who focuses on establishing the foundation for Amorepacific brands to enter new markets, and ‘Theme Hyecho’, who are sent to advanced markets in order to identify and learn future growth engines in line with the 4th industrial revolution. In 2018, seven members were sent to Peru, Poland, Myanmar, and India as City Hyechos to analyze the markets through activities focused on customers and on the ground. Brands’ market entry strategies were established based on their analysis of channels and commercial areas of the local market. And R&D, digital and makeup artist teams were sent to countries with advanced technology in respective fields as Theme Hyechos to strengthen Amorepacific’s capabilities.

In 2019, three teams from R&D and SCM will be sent as part of the Theme Hyecho program. There will also be two additional selection of Theme Hyecho and one City Hyecho. Amorepacific Group also aims to hold regular meetings and study groups with previously dispatched City Hyechos so that they can maintain their knowledge and interest in the countries they were sent to and encourage them to act as think tanks to identify potential projects.