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Fostering A Great Place to Work

A Good Company with Relaxation and Wellness

Amorepacific Group is dedicated to creating a healthy and happy workplace for its members.

Workplace is where we spend the majority of our time. If we can enjoy more pleasant and valuable experiences at our workplace, our quality of life will be enhanced. Providing opportunities for employees to demonstrate their abilities and creating a healthy and safe workplace have been the driving force behind Amorepacific Group’s continued growth.

Healthier Employees

Amorepacifc Group considers employee’s health to be the primary condition of a good workplace. Amorepacifc-Severance Clinic, located in Amorepacifc Group Global Headquarters, is equipped with leading medical facilities and medical services provided by a professional medical team, providing diverse outpatient services including general treatment, vaccination, dietary consultation and medical exams. The clinic runs a body remodeling center to help members manage musculoskeletal disorders, the most common health problems for office workers, to support members’ health.

Healthier Mind

The emotional labor of workers who interact with customers can lead to health issues. To prevent and resolve any potential stress of members that can occur during work, Amorepacific Group published and distributed Self Protection Manual for a Happier Workplace, a guide which proposes ways to respond to potential issues associated with difficult customers. In addition, ‘Happy Life Consulting’ is a consultation service for employee happiness and psychological stability, helping beauty partners resolve stress and psychological anxiety that comes from emotional labor.