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Delivering Positive Influence on Society

Makeup Your Life

Amorepacific Group contributes to lowering cancer mortality rates in women and improving the lives of women cancer patients.

Launched in 2008, Makeup Your Life campaign is designed to share with women cancer patients, who struggle with sudden change of appearance due to chemotherapy, knowhows on how to beautify themselves.

Knowhow on Beautifying Yourself

The campaign does not offer patients ways to simply make themselves more beautiful, but rather help them return to their normal life they had before by taking care of their appearance through skincare and makeup. Female cancer patients are twice as likely to suffer from stress than healthy women due to changes in their physical appearances. They are also three times more stressed due to hair loss and twice more stressed due to changes in their skin. Over 35% of patients continue to suffer from stress even 12 months after cancer surgery. According to a study, ‘Psychological effect of makeup program on cancer patients’, published by breast cancer specialist and Director at Daerim Saint Mary's Hospital Kim Seongwon (co-researchers professor Kim Jeonghyeon and professor Park Hyeyeon at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital), actual participants of Makeup Your Life showed about 17% lower stress levels and 12% lower aversive response to cancer, showing positive psychological changes.

Global Activities

In 2018, Makeup Your Life campaign was held in 6 regions with 899 volunteers (2,697 hours) helping 1,694 participants. In 2018, Thailand, where Makeup Your Life campaign was held for the first time, worked in partnership with Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer at Chulalongkorn University, providing skincare and makeup lessons to 40 patients. In China, the campaign was held in a government hospital for patients with mobility problems to take part in the program as well. And the campaign was also held in Singapore with 44 participants.