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Sleeping Mask: The Secret to Waking Up More Beautiful

A woman will always make time for her favorite beauty treatments, no matter how busy she gets. With women leading increasingly busy lives, Amorepacific sought to help women over the world, by finding extra time in their days. In the early 2000s, we saw the potential of transforming the hours a woman spent sleeping, into a time for beauty.

Capitalizing on these unused hours is a miracle for skin because at night, skin naturally renews itself by removing daily waste deposits, recovering from damage over the day, and activating detoxifying mechanisms to guard against the coming day. Skin also gets thirsty during sleep, as it loses moisture and sebum production slows down. This makes sleeping hours the perfect time for the skin to absorb moisture and active ingredients that purify. Realizing the potential for innovation, and that a woman’s daily skin condition depends on how long and effectively she moisturized the night before, Amorepacific began researching face masks that could revitalize by optimizing skin’s own nightly purification mechanisms.

Conventional masks were not up to the task. Wash-off masks were often a hassle, peel-off masks were cumbersome and could be harsh on the skin, and sheet masks could slide off your face.

Thus, Amorepacific began working on a simple premise: a face mask that could be left on, and would stay on, while a woman sleeps. In 2002, the LANEIGE launched its first Water Sleeping Mask. An innovative combination of skincare product and facial mask, this simple-to-use product optimized a good night’s slumber with a revitalizing skincare treatment by capitalizing on the skin’s ability to renew, moisturize, purify, and soothe during sleep. In addition, the Sleeping Mask maximized skin regeneration by forming a protective film which nourished the face.

Using proprietary SLEEP-TOX™ technology, Amorepacific’s groundbreaking Sleeping Mask activated skin’s own purification mechanism to restore lustre that diminished during the day. In addition, we used Hunza Apricot Extract to act as an antioxidant by removing the free radicals generated by UV light within skin cells, and preventing keratin denaturation on the skin’s surface.

Also unique to Amorepacific’s Sleeping Mask was the development of moisturizing agent biopolymer, derived from a type of Korean mushrooms (Schizophyllum commune). Used in a beauty product for the first time in the world, it’s 20% more effective in retaining moisture and oil balance compared to hyaluronic acid, a widely known moisturizing agent. Sleeping Mask products infused with this biopolymer extended the moisturizing period for 9 additional hours, effectively creating a restorative environment for skin overnight.

In addition, Amorepacific’s proprietary MOISTURE WRAP™ created a breathable yet moisture-rich film on the skin to enable active ingredients such as Hydro Ion Mineral Water, Hunza Apricot Extract, and Evening Primrose Root Extract to penetrate the skin through the night.

Because of this incredible fusion of innovations from Amorepacific, sleeping mask is improving everyone’s beauty rest.