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Beauty Research & Innovation

Fundamental Research for Innovation: Helping Skin Stay Healthy with Science

As the importance of bioscience and biotechnology increases across the cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical industries, Amorepacific continues investment and commitment to these essential, scientific fundamental researches.

Amorepacific is researching from the very beginning, starting with fundamental research to trigger innovations in technology and product development. To develop the next great innovation, Amorepacific stays focused on the research areas like skin aging, skin barrier function, the effects of environmental factors on skin, systems biology of skin pigmentation and homeostasis, while also looking at the larger possibilities within innovative biotechnology research, such as the convergence of biology and nanoscience, development of 3D-skin, and bioinformatics. Amorepacific also contributes to developing innovative solutions tailored to the skin and health conditions of individuals, which maximizes our customers’ benefits.

Fighting in the Battle against Aging

In skin-aging research, Amorepacific has studied the aging processes with every technology at our disposal. Our achievements and findings are applied to everything from anti-aging bio-cosmetics to health food, which are beneficial in improving the anti-aging effects on wrinkles and normalizing metabolic function.

Skin Systems Biology Focusing on Skin Homeostasis

Amorepacific is tasked with identifying and validating factors related to skin homeostasis, such as novel melanogenesis-, skin immunology-, epidermal differentiation-, or communication between cells-related genes using an advanced, systemic approach.

Keeping Hydration in Skin

Skin dryness is one of the most obvious characteristics of elderly skin and skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. To elucidate the factors causing dryness in healthy human skin or diseased skin, Amorepacific researchers have studied the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the environmental or internal stimuli-induced epidermal skin barrier dysfunction.

Solving Skin’s Biggest Problems

To keep our customers’ skin healthy, Amorepacific performs agile and accurate experiments with BT-IT convergence technology to innovate the most optimized solutions. In our studies, the signaling pathways of various environmental factors from ambient sources are investigated closely to find their effects on human skin, to hopefully find the solutions to anti-aging, de-pigmentation, and skin barrier strengthening.

Reconstructing 3D human skin

Amorepacific is also involved in creating reconstructed 3D human skin models as an alternative to animal testing and for physiological studies of skin. By accepting emerging technologies in 3D tissue engineering, we are continuing to improve our skin models and diversify their applications.