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Amorepacific seeks to share its long-held values of beauty through various publications.

Beautiful Story of Native Plants in Jeju

In order to facilitate people’s understanding of the native plants of Jeju Island and contribute to their preservation, Amorepacific issued the second edition of <Beautiful Story of Native Plants in Jeju>, after the first edition released in 2012. The latest edition introduced the plant species used as ingredients by Amorepacific as well as 20 other plant species growing in Gotjawal, referred to as the repository of Jeju’s ecosystem. This book holds high artistic value as it presents miniatures of the plant species in addition to information about them and their efficacy in skin care. The book provides the names of all plant species illustrated as well as information about intangible assets of Jeju and plant information provided by the Traditions and Plants of Jeju.

Beyond Flower - Korean Native Plant Book

Amorepacific published <Beyond Flower>, a book about native Korean plants used as cosmetic ingredients with 100 miniature drawings of flowers indigenous to Korea. This illustrated compendium of native Korean plants reveals Amorepacific’s deep affection for plants that has been passed down since the company’s founding. As such, the book is designed to record, preserve, and spread the value of native Korean plants as widely as possible.

To make the book, Amorepacific Museum of Art undertook a miniature-painting project in association with Song Hoon, the first-generation Korean miniaturist. After travelling all over the country to seek out medicinal plants indigenous to Korea, he completed 100 paintings. In February 2015, his works were published as an illustrated book. Each painting depicts the plants’ detailed structures and shapes with a sense of harmony between scientific objectivity and artistic subjectivity that photos seldom deliver.