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Concluded MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Korea Medical Institute of Dermatology and Aesthetics

Global 2010-11-23

AmorePacific (CEO Kyungbae Seo) concluded MOU with Korea Medical Institute of Dermatology to promote capabilities regarding skin care, obesity and managing hair loss using herbal materials. The ceremony took place at 11:00 AM in the meeting hall of The Association of Korean Oriental Medicine and chairman Hak-hee Kang of AmorePacific Technical Laboratory and the chairman Korea Medical Institute of Dermatology and Aesthetics, Sung-whan Lee were present. 

Both parties, through the MOU conclusion, will research on application methods of herbal beauty technology and skin, obesity and hair loss treatment by using herbal materials.  Also, they planned to establish the clinical standards in the skin dermatology industry.  Through this, the institute will contribute to make herbal medicine technology become a science which is the basis of clinical statistics and its basis. AmorePacific and Korea Medical Institute of Dermatology and Aesthetics will have interchange workshops periodically and will implement interchange activities of beauty treatment at oriental medical clinics, and grasping herbal clinical directions.  In addition, we will support the joint research announcement and technology utilization and support, and cooperate in developing products by searching for methods to manufacture herbal aesthetic treatment. 

The chairman of APTL, Hak-hee Kang said, “Through the MOU, AmorePacific will search for customers’ needs in the herbal skin beauty from customer’s point of view, and is expected to get help to research on herbal medicine studies more deeply and widely. 

Meanwhile, in order to improve research capacity and competitiveness, the company has concluded various organizations and conducted joint researches.  Since July of 2010, in order to strengthen mid-and-long term research in the beauty industry, the company launched Science and Technology Advisory consisted of experts in each area.  Also, in June 10, 2010, the company concluded a convention to pursue “AmorePacific Research Support Program” to support new skin science medical professors with Korea Medical Institute of Dermatology and in May 18, 2010, we concluded another contract for joint researches on rare plant species with National Institute of Biological Resources. 

* Note:  Korea Medical Institute of Dermatology and Aesthetics, KIDA

Founded in 2001, unlike other research societies which are based on university hospitals, KIDA is a clinical research institute centered on local clinical institutes, and acts as a pioneer who develop herbal medicine beauty supply market which has been an unexplored area. After reporting Introduction to Herbal Medicine Dermatology and Aesthetics in 2001, we have conducted continuous research for standardization and professionalization of herbal dermatology and aesthetics and operated professional study departments including herbal skin science, hair loss study, herbal plastic surgery study and clinical nutritional science.