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Helping to replenish your skin back to it's true form with technologies to mimick the skin's natural abilities

Meaning truth in French, Verite seeks to find the essential ingredients for your skin and create truthful products.

Since its launch in 1994 as a door-to-door sales brand that visits customers, Verite has accumulated tailored counselling know-how for different customers for around 20 years. From 2012, the brand started to propose suitable products for different skin concerns through newly emerging channels including online, home shopping and drug store.

With continued development of ingredients that resemble the components of our skin such as Veri-ent Moisturizing Water that recreates the composition of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) in our skin and Ceramide Intense Formula that copies skin barrier properties, Verite hopes to deliver the power of healthy skin while proving its products in detail based on dermatological and clinical tests.

Just as the name suggests, Verite prioritizes the value of truth and strives to become a trustworthy skin curator for customers that knows what skin wants in advance.