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Beautiful Devotion to Revive Tea Culture, Osulloc

Osulloc, a Korean premium tea brand, offers valuable rests that beautify inner side and add a style to busy daily lives while connecting warm-hearted relationships.

“ Each country has a unique tea, except Korea. No matter how big the sacrifice may be, I want to establish Korea’s traditional tea culture. – Suh Sungwhan, the founder and former CEO of Amorepacific”

Suh Sungwhan, pen name Jangwon who was the founder and former CEO of Amorepacific and Osulloc, always felt regrettable for Korea’s tea culture that had disappeared despite its 1,000-year history. Osulloc’s beautiful devotion began from his determination to establish Korea’s own tea culture. However, the abandoned lands on Jeju island was rich only in rocks and wind. After 45 years of nurturing the rosy dream on 3 abandoned slots of land on Jeju island that had never been cultivated even by locals, Osulloc has learned and overcome the nature on Jeju island and turned the land on Jeju island into the best tea origin highly-touted as a global green tea garden. With the hard-work and passion to establish Korean tea culture, Osulloc’s tea continues to win prestigious global premium tea contests every year. Osulloc’s beautiful devotion to promote Korean tea culture still is still ongoing.

Green tea garden on Jeju island, Tea Stone and Tea Museum for first-hand experience of tea culture and urban Tea House with the best quality teas that fully embody Jeju island’s nature and heart are the results of Osulloc’s hard work to revive Korea’s unique tea culture.

by Numbers


Jeju tea garden cultivation year

1 million

Size of Jeju organic tea garden (Pyeong)


First-Place in Pan-Fired Green Tea at North American Tea Championship (2014 Illohyang/2014, 2015 Sejak)

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