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The journey to the attractive beauty of men beyond time & space

Odyssey is a premium skincare brand for men launched in 1996, which aims to offer and deliver care products for a premium lifestyle. The brand offers the Odyssey Romantic line, a classic romantic line for passionate and charming men, and the Odyssey Black line, a smart classy line for confident men aiming towards becoming the best, for those who desire something new beyond the boundary of the everyday life.

The fragrance of the Romantic line combines citrus scents such as the refreshing and sparkling mandarin and lemon, which awakens men’s wit and sensibility, with the dynamic and energetic scent of men from herbs such as lavender and eucalyptus, giving off a mystical appeal. The softness of the woody scent and the masculinity of the amber scent is added to complete a subtle yet charming fragrance for men.

The fragrance of the Black line delivers a sophisticated appeal of a man by combining the sweetness of the velvety, mellow citrus scent and the warmth of white pepper with the light fragrance of jasmine, Muguet, and Magnolia. A deep, exclusive woody scent of cedarwood and sandalwood and the masculine amber scent is blended to express the confidence of an appealing and sensual urban man.

Based on its 20-year heritage on men, Odyssey will continue to propose sophisticated and sensual identity and the ideal man of our times.