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Hera has led the superb aesthetical sense of Korean women by harmonizing the new with the beauty of the times.

Beauty evolves. In keeping with the fast-changing times, Hera has led the aesthetic sensibility of Korean women by combining contemporary beauty with newness. Hera offers total beauty care, including makeup, skincare and perfume, for the trendy and sophisticated style of Korean women.

Strong confidence at all times and passion and dedication towards beauty. Hera, which captures the world with its unique beauty, represents the beauty of Korean women with the theme of ‘Exceptional Beauty from Seoul’

Hera holds the elegant charisma of the captivating city of Seoul, outstanding and sensual beauty, and is the icon in the new era the world is looking towards from Parisiens and New Yorkers.

As a beauty messenger that creates and shares the trends of Asia, Hera now delivers the special beauty and value of Korean women to the world.

by Numbers


Year of Brand Launch

2 secs

Time taken for one UV Mist Cushion to be sold

20 million+

Cumulative Sales of Sun Mate

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