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Boncho Study

Boncho Study, Protecting Healthy Gums Through Gum Care from the Roots

Boncho Study is a functional dental care brand that finds the wisdom for good oral health from the traditions of our Korean ancestors and ingredients found in nature. From ancient times, dental health was considered valuable so much so that it was thought as a priority among the Five Blessings (the concept of five good fortunes or luck in life). There is also a saying, ‘teeth are like the front entrance of the body.’ This saying came from the understanding of our ancestors that one can determine the health of the body through the teeth, much like how one could tell the economic status or wealth of a household by its front entrance.

Ancestors of Korea studied and tried various methods to preserve such valuable dental health. And among the different natural ingredients used to protect oral health, salt was a main ingredient used over time. Salt was such a popular and beloved nature-derived ingredient that it was recorded in the Donguibogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine), a classic book on Korean traditional medicine written by royal physician Heo Jun during the Joseon Dynasty, as ‘it is good to brush the teeth with salt as a remedy for toothache’.

Boncho Study carefully contains Korean pharmacopoeia salt with a purity of 99%. The product contains 20% salt to maximize the benefits of the salt that protect dental health. And clinical trials have confirmed that it has outstanding qualities in preventing gum diseases and other linked conditions such as gingivitis, plaque buildup, periodontal disease, bad breath, and toothache.

Boncho Study has been loved by many customers since its launch in 2014. Experience Boncho Study, which is solidifying its position as a brand specializing in gum care, through our Amorepacific counsellors.