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Beauty Research & Innovation

Beauty Food in Longevity Science Research: Boosting beauty from the inside out

True, healthy beauty comes from within.
- Amorepacific founder Suh Sungwhan

Traditional Asian medicine views the body as a whole system of interconnected parts, and approaches health as a matter of balance between the body’s internal mechanisms. For optimum health, all organs in your body must function properly and work together in harmony.

The same is true for beauty. Amorepacific began to develop inner beauty food products to enhance one’s beauty from the inside out, using long-held knowledge of heritage ingredients like ginseng, green tea and soy bean. Amorepacific sought ways to deliver the health and skincare benefits of these ingredients in edible or drinkable products that exploit modern technologies that maximize their beauty boosting effects.

In an age where our life expectancy is longer than ever before, we maintain a strong conviction that nature is the best ingredient of all. We will never stop our search for healthful, natural ingredients in order to provide our customers with the most effective and reliable longevity products.

Here are some of our breakthroughs in inner beauty food technologies:

Vitalbeautie Ginseng Extract Ampoule

  • UHP (Ultra Heaven Process) Technology Carefully selected top-grade ginseng goes through the Ultra Heaven* Process to be reborn as the richly efficacious Red Ginseng. Through this technology, the saponin yield of ginseng is increased by 35% compared to ginseng treated by conventional processes.
    * Ultra Heaven Process (Patent No. 0445184)
  • Ginseng Berry Standardization Technology Amorepacific found new value in the ginseng berry, a precious ingredient that can be obtained for only a week during a ginseng’s plant annual growth cycle. The saponin contained in the ginseng berry has different composition from that found in ginseng roots and the ginsenoside content is also much higher, revealing different efficacies compared to ginseng roots. Amorepacific’s technology standardizes the levels of active ingredients and optimizes the beneficial properties of ginseng roots.

Vitalbeautie Meta Green

  • High-Concentration Catechin Condensation Technology Catechin is known to be a great antioxidant with anti-obesity effects and effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Amorepacific developed the technology to concentrate higher levels of catechin by researching the best methods for catechin extraction.

Vitalbeautie Slimmer DX

  • Water Extraction Technology of Soybean Germ Amorepacific cuts out only the germ of a soybean which takes only 2% of the soybean and extracts from the germ. By verifying its efficacies, Amorepacific developed the product that helps reduce body fat including abdominal fat.