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Lee Shen Yeu, Rain

Senior Beauty Advisor Mamonde

Share with us your journey in Amorepacific Malaysia.

  • Wouldn’t one be happy if he or she is constantly surrounded by flower scents? So I thought. It is true! I’ve been with Mamonde since the launch of Mamonde in Malaysia and my work experience here has been wonderful maybe because I am inspired by flowers and Mamonde’s brand essence that aims to bring out the beauty in a person. Every customer that I attend to are convinced by the brand’s offerings and serving them have been delightful. Though it is has only been two years but working here is inspiring due to motivating leaders in the company and the many training programmes that the company offers. I can see my future in Mamonde and Amorepacific as my superiors are helpful and never stingy with their compliments and guidance. I hope to grow with Mamonde and someday be promoted to a team leader.