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Joining traditional ingredients and modern technology, Vitalbeautie’s inner beauty foods offer healthy life solutions and radiant beauty from the inside out

Vitalbeautie is the first inner-beauty brand in Korea created under the philosophy that a real beauty is nurtured inside to be expressed outside. For 70 years since the foundation, Amorepacific has researched the answer to healthy beauty and concluded that a fundamental change inside is needed to complete the true beauty with the belief that health and beauty are interconnected. Vitalbeautie was born through such an advanced thought on healthy beauty.

To materialize the value of inner-beauty solutions, Vitalbeautie conducted a multi-layered study on different ages, genders, body types and even lifestyles and psychology. With continued technological innovations including development of independent technologies utilizing heritage ingredients and introduction of ampule-style container for the first time in Korea to position itself as a highly trustworthy beauty-food brand now.

By integrating the accumulated data on the lifestyles of customers, technologies and knowhows, Vitalbeautie is to suggest an essential and comprehensive lifestyle solution based on the lifestyle and diet of Korean people.