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Iope diagnoses skin accurately and delivers effective solutions with excellent plant ingredients through safe and differentiated biotechnology.

Iope conducts deep research of the entire process from skin to material and technology. Based on research, Iope accurately diagnoses skin problems and delivers effective solutions based on botanical ingredients with high efficacy using safe and differentiated bio technology.

Iope LAB is the brand’s origin, where research into skin, materials and technology takes place. More than 4,300 women had their skin conditions checked and diagnosed with Iope LAB’s cutting-edge devices. Data obtained is then reflected in developing effective products.

As such, Iope resolves various skin problems based on skin research for accurate skin diagnosis, research into materials with outstanding benefits for the skin, and research into technology that delivers safe and effective products.

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1 st

Retinol stabilization in Korean beauty industry (1997)


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(Air Cushion®, 2017.11.01)

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