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Delivering Sustainable Stores

Environment-conscious Consumables

We are conscious of the environment from a single essential consumable frequently used at stores every day. Amorepacific Group strives to improve every relevant element within stores to spread a culture of sustainable consumption at stores.

Introducing Smart Receipts

Amorepacific Group is the first Korean cosmetics company to introduce mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) system in 2017 in Aritaum, Etude House and Espoir stores in Seoul’s key commercial districts. By combining barcode reading sensors, credit card readers and cameras, mPOS handles various functions from customer search and product information, payments, to issuing electronic receipts. mPOS system allows customers to receive counseling and immediately pay for their purchases making it convenient for customers. It also contributes to environmental protection as mPOS system sends e-receipts in text messages instead of printing paper receipts. Since 2018, Innisfree significantly reduced the amount of wasted receipts by issuing smart receipts instead of paper receipts as a default option to customers using Innisfree’s app.

Using Eco-friendly Shopping Bags and Supplies

We apply eco-friendly materials in major consumables used at stores and share information on products’ sustainability with customers to spread and promote a culture of sustainable consumption. Aritaum uses FSC-certified paper for 5 types of packaging consumables, including paper bags, shopping bags and perfume shopping bags, that are used at stores. About 70 different types of products used by Etude House have various sustainability elements such as recycled plastic and FSC-certified paper made carton boxes. The brand lets customers know of and choose based on the eco-friendliness of products by providing the information on wobblers.

Replacing Disposable Plastic Straws

Since 2018, Osulloc Tea Houses and Innisfree Green Cafes have each replaced disposable plastic straws with paper straws and biodegradable eco-friendly straws, significantly reducing the amount of plastic used at stores. In addition, the stores use a new type of cup lid that allows customers to enjoy their drinks without using a straw, minimizing inconvenience as well as reducing the use of disposable straws.