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Amorepacific Wins 7 iF Design Award 2022

Global 2022-04-19
  • Wins in categories of Communication, Packaging, and Interior Architecture
  • Amorepacific is recognized for sophisticated design, winning various international design awards

Amorepacific won 7 awards at the ‘iF Design Award 2022.’

The company’s ‘future technology content Art & Science’ won the Communication award, while ‘LANEIGE Water Bank,’ ‘LANEIGE Neo Foundation,’ ‘IOPE Super Vital Potential Cream,’ ‘HANYUL Red Rice Essential Skin Softener Limited,’ and ‘AYUNCHE’ won the Packaging award and ‘Sulwhasoo House_ Sulwhasoo Bukchon Flagship Store’ won in the Interior Architecture category.

The iF Design Award, presented by Germany’s International Forum Design, is considered one of the world’s top 3 design awards along with the Red Dot Design Award of Germany and the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) of the US.

The ‘future technology content Art & Science,’ which won in the Communication category, conceptualizes and reinterprets 16 technologies developed by Amorepacific R&I Center. By creating it into an intuitive and appealing form for customers to understand easily and expressing in artistic 3D motion graphics, Art & Science captures the interest and curiosity of customers in technology and is applicable in various ways to online and offline mediums.

‘LANEIGE Water Bank,’ ‘LANEIGE Neo Foundation,’ ‘IOPE Super Vital Potential Cream,’ ‘HANYUL Red Rice Essential Skin Softener Limited,’ and ‘AYUNCHE’ won awards in the Packaging category.

‘LANEIGE Water Bank’ line harmonizes in any setting, beyond the simple concept of packaging design, and captures the essence of convenience in use, providing values for better life. It is a unique design of the brand that creates a beautiful balance in the lives and spaces of young consumers ranging from millennials to Gen Z, who know how to express joy and beauty.

Another winner in the category, ‘LANEIGE Neo Foundation,’ was developed to emphasize practicality and purpose with its object-inspired design. The product is designed with a minimal cylindrical shape, inside and out, and focused on highlighting the quality of sensibility for users as they touch and use the product such as when opening and closing the lid.

‘IOPE Super Vital Potential Cream’ is a product that embodies the living skin cell ecosystem by ‘IOPE Bio.’ The decoration and finishes of the product are minimized and the new aura, which reveals the vitality of Bio, is translated into organic curves. More than 60% of the package is made from recycled plastic and the QR code on the bottom is a bridge between the product and digital communication for customers.

The design of ‘HANYUL Red Rice Essential Skin Softener Limited’ captures the delicate moment of fermentation as well as the philosophy and sincerity of the brand. It embodies the rhythmical movement of scattering Monascus and the gradual change of red rice in an aesthetic way, essentially reflecting Korean sentiment and the brand’s dedication to creating products.

‘AYUNCHE’ captures the features true to nature with a focus on the keyword, ‘High Performance & Eco-Chic,’ through its package design renewal. The inconveniences and challenges felt by hair designers as well as solutions to hair problems are reflected in the design, esthetically expressing the brand’s philosophy in achieving harmony with nature.

‘Sulwhasoo House_ Sulwhasoo Bukchon Flagship Store,’ which won in the Interior Architecture category, is a space that reflects the taste and philosophy of the brand merged in our everyday life as it pursues to uphold the beauty of tradition. The integration of a hanok, traditional Korean house, of the 1930s that captures the valuable history and time of the brand and a Western-style house of the 1960s delivers a contemporary beauty that bridges between the past and the present.

Amorepacific is recognized for its sophisticated designs with three products having the honor of winning the Red Dot Design Award 2022 for Product Design this March.