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LANEIGE’s Commercial ‘Dark Farm’ Records Over 1.45 Views

Global 2022-01-14
  • Dramatic representation of the efficacy of LANEIGE’s ‘Radian-C Cream’ with the universe of ‘Dark Farm’ on the skin
  • Explosive feedbacks as it became popular among MZ generations owing to its original storyline and blockbuster-quality visuals

LANEIGE’s commercial 'Dark Farm’ has been receiving explosive responses, recording 1.45 million views within 10 days of its release.

'Dark Farm’, released on January 3, is a commercial that dramatically demonstrates the efficacy of LANEIGE’s ‘Radian-C Cream' by applying the recently-popular virtual universe. It depicts an incident that takes place at a blemish farm that cultivates 'Dull Fruits', dark spots on the skin, with blockbuster-quality visuals. The video features LANEIGE’s brand model Kim Yoo-jung and actor Kim Joo-heon who showed passionate performances, and it was produced by the advertising production company ‘Dolphiners Films’, which is shaking the advertising industry with ingenious ideas and attempts.

The commercial is creating a huge sensation as an attempt to break the frame of typical beauty advertisements. Although it is a long video of around 7 minutes instead of a ‘short form’ content which is recently trending, the video captures viewers’ attention for the entire duration with its original storyline. It is particularly popular among the MZ generations who are used to virtual universe through ‘Yumi’s Cells’, etc.

Online viewers who came across the commercial commented, “It is the first time I have watched a long commercial like this without pausing”, “It is so enjoyable like a short film. Can I look forward to season 2?”, “Crazy video quality. I have never felt sorry for the blemishes. I will still use Radian-C Cream. I am sorry, dark spots!”, “This is my first time actually looking up an advertisement”, proving enthusiastic feedbacks.

The manager in charge of LANEIGE’s marketing who planned the commercial said, "Starting with the 'Black Farm' commercial, we will launch the 'Radian-C Cream' campaign with other contents with quirky ideas and fun."

LANEIGE’s 'Dark Farm’ commercial can be found on LANEIGE’s official YouTube channel. The sequel to the 'Dark Farm’ commercial and various other stories were released too on January 11 to continue the buzz.

LANEIGE’s 'Radian-C Cream', the main product of this commercial, is a brightening cream enriched with vitamins that makes dull skin look healthy and bright. The combination of Vitamin E & Vitamin-C derivatives, well-known as antioxidant ingredients, with ‘Melasolv’ that has been proven to be effective for whitening makes a dull skin tone evenly brighter.