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LANEIGE announces its new slogan, ‘FEEL the GLOW, LANEIGE’

Global 2021-10-20
  • The slogan highlights healthy and natural shine of skin, and shining confidence in one’s life
  • The brand plans to evolve into a differentiated skin solution brand based on lifestyle research.

LANEIGE, a functional beauty brand that delivers a new beauty experience, unveiled its new brand slogan, ‘FEEL the GLOW, LANEIGE’.

Today, LANEIGE announced the new brand slogan on its official Instagram accounts. The new slogan, ‘FEEL the GLOW, LANEIGE’, represents LANEIGE's willingness to bring positive energy and radiance to the skin and life with its special solution. The brand explained that the ‘Glow’ means healthy and natural shine of one’s own skin as well as beauty and confidence from inside.

LANEIGE plans to evolve from a brand as a skin hydration specialist into one that offers a differentiated skin solution based on the study of lifestyle. As part of this plan, LANEIGE is looking into the relation between customer lifestyles and their skin condition through its research group, ‘LANEIGE Beauty & Life Lab’. The brand is also offering innovative functional products and solutions across five categories: moisturizing & hydration, brightening, anti-aging, sleeping care, and base makeup.

Kim Hyo-jyong, the head of the LANEIGE Marketing Division, said, “LANEIGE has been pinpointing the exact needs of customers in step with the changing times and has provided differentiated solutions. The change of slogan also shows our agility and ambition to make a change without any fear of new challenges.”

Having entered the markets of more than 30 countries worldwide, LANEIGE is beloved by global customers for its five functional solution products—Water Bank Line (moisturizing), Radian-C Cream (brightening), Water Sleeping Masks (sleeping care), Perfect Renew Youth Retinol (anti-aging), and Neo Cushions (base make-up). Recently, LANEIGE has introduced its products in over 1,370 Sephora stores in the U.S., Canada, and 19 European countries including France, Italy, Germany and U.K., thus further expanding its presence as a global beauty brand.