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LANEIGE Holds International Symposium with the Theme, ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Global 2021-07-06
  • LANEIGE Beauty & Life Lab holds online conference on July 5
  • Discussed various research findings on ‘sleeping beauty’ including sleep, circadian rhythms, and microbiome

Premium functional brand LANEIGE held an international academic symposium with the theme of ‘sleeping beauty.’

The symposium, which was hosted by LANEIGE Beauty & Life Lab, was held under the title ‘Sleeping Beauty: Skin Microbiome and the New Generation of Sleeping Beauty.’ on July 5 as a webinar (online academic conference). Experts from home and abroad who attended the symposium discussed various research findings from ‘sleeping beauty’ perspective such as sleep, circadian rhythms, and microbiome.

LANEIGE presented the new category ‘sleeping beauty’ by launching its Water Sleeping Mask in 2002. Since then, the brand unveiled various sleeping beauty products that make our tired skin healthy and clear during sleep. The symposium was held to share research trends LANEIGE advanced by studying sleep skin science for a long time.

The first speaker Kim Jae-kyoung, professor at KAIST and Institute for Basic Science, presented on the impact of circadian rhythm on the human body titled ‘Time treatment customized to circadian rhythms based on wearable devices.’ Professor Kim gained attention by saying, “our skin also has a 24-hour rhythm, and we can achieve better effect by applying the rhythm to skincare.”

Chief researcher Chenpeng LV at Amorepacific Shanghai D&I Center introduced research findings on the changes of skin conditions according to sleep deprivation titled ‘Amorepacific’s sleeping beauty research.’ The researcher explained, “our sleep quality is deteriorating due to recent surge in smartphone use. Sleep deprivation causes various skin problems including pores and bad complexion.”

The following speaker was Professor Wilhelm Holzapfel, Chairman of the International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene (ICFMH), who presented research findings on ‘microbiome and skin.’ Professor Holzapfel said, “it has been found that bacteria and microorganisms control our immunity and protect skin barrier” and emphasized, “a balance in skin microbiome plays a key role in strengthening skin health and its ability to defend against external elements.”

Lastly, chief researcher Myoung Kil-sun at Amorepacific R&D Center introduced Sleeping MicrobiomeTM and Probiotics Complex technologies, both of which are applied to LANEIGE’s Water Sleeping Mask EX. Researcher Myoung said, “Water Sleeping Mask EX contains strong Probiotics Complex, which has 23.8 billion probiotics-derived ingredients, and Sleeping MicrobiomeTM technology that protects skin balance during sleep.”

Head of LANEIGE Beauty & Life Lab Suh Byung-fhy said, “the symposium was a meaningful venue to share and discuss recent research findings on sleeping beauty” and added, “we will continue to commit to proposing innovative solutions and new beauty experience by studying skin conditions and problems according to customers’ lifestyles.”