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primera’s Gifts for Spouses of Heads of State at the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit Make Headline

Global 2021-06-02
  • The only cosmetic brand in Korea to be selected as memento for Korea’s first-ever environmental summit
  • ‘Sustainable Set’ of the brand’s two core products with eco-friendliness, wishing for green recovery

At the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit, which was held for two days from May 30 to 31, the ‘Sustainable Set’ comprised of bestseller products of Amorepacific’s clean beauty brand primera was selected as gifts for the spouses of heads of state, gaining much attention.

According to the industry, primera products were included in the list of eco-friendly gifts provided to the spouses of heads of state who attended the P4G Summit. primera is the only cosmetic brand in Korea to be included as part of the gifts.

primera is Korea’s key K-beauty brand that aims for mindful clean beauty. The brand, which pursues activities to support both nature and human to be healthy and happy, is the perfect brand to offer as a special gift to the spouses of the heads of state who attended the multilateral environmental summit.

The ‘Sustainable Set,’ which was made specifically for the event, was comprised of the brand’s core products, Alpine Berry Watery Cream and Miracle Seed Essence, packaged in a fabric pouch. The set minimized packaging by using recyclable materials and engraved the summit’s emblem on a nontimber paper (earth pact) tag made from easily biodegradable sugar cane residue, delivering a message of hope toward green recovery.

Alpine Berry Watery Cream is a moisturizing cream that delivers moisturized and lively skin through a moisturizing ability that lasts for 100 hours. The product uses a cap made of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic to reduce plastic production. Miracle Seed Essence is a functional water-based essence that makes skin healthy and clear through outstanding antioxidative properties and soothing moisturizing effect. The product does not include any chemical fertilizer or harmful substances through Beautiful Fair Trade and uses ingredients such as lotus. Both products use easily removable sticker labels and transparent glass containers to increase recyclability, delivering primera’s commitment for sustainability.

primera’s Alpine Berry Watery Cream and Miracle Seed Essence, which deliver amazing benefits as well as eco-friendliness, are available at primera stores in department stores nationwide, through Amorepacific counsellors, and at CHICOR, ARITAUM, Amorepacific Mall, and Naver brand store.