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Amorepacific Receives SCSK Cosmetic Science and Technology Awards

Global 2021-05-31
  • Researcher Lee Hyun-suk wins Best Presentation Award for developing AP Sphere for adsorption of PM2.5
  • Researcher Kim Han-byul wins Best Paper Award for research on green tea probiotics’ effect on regulating skin microbiome

Amorepacific received both Best Presentation Award (chief researcher Lee Hyun-suk) and Best Paper Award (chief researcher Kim Han-byul) in Cosmetic Science and Technology at The Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea (SCSK) Spring Conference.

The SCSK Spring Conference 2021 was held yesterday on May 27 in a webinar (online academic conference) format.

Amorepacific R&D Center chief researcher Lee Hyun-suk, who won Best Presentation Award in Cosmetic Science and Technology, presented on the theme ‘Design of porous microspheres (AP Sphere) for adsorption of PM2.5.’ It is a research on the ability of AP Sphere’s adsorption and removal of PM2.5 developed on Amorepacific’s own manufacturing technology platform. Researcher Lee successfully developed a practical solution to easily cleanse skin using ‘AP Sphere’ to adsorb PM2.5 hiding deep within pores and strongly holding onto it through ionic bond. In addition, Lee’s research secured visual and quantitative data that confirms the strong PM2.5 removal ability through various comparative studies.

Best Paper Award in Cosmetic Science and Technology is awarded to the most creative and outstanding paper out of all the papers published by the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea and the Korean Journal of Cosmetic Science (the society’s English journal) in the recent year. Amorepacific R&D Center chief researcher Kim Han-byul won Best Paper Award for his paper ‘Lactobacillus plantarum APsulloc 331261 Fermented Products as Potential Skin Microbial Modulation Cosmetic Ingredients.’ The research confirmed that Amorepacific’s patented ingredient, green tea probiotic fermented product (Lactobacillus plantarum APsulloc 331261), controls quorum sensing (cell-to-cell signaling) and reduces biofilm formation of harmful bacteria using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The research also identified that it increases the growth of beneficial bacteria, while controlling the growth of harmful bacterial through co-culturing in simulated skin environment. The research confirmed the potential application of Lactobacillus plantarum APsulloc 331261 as a cosmetic ingredient that can control the balance of skin microbiome.

Youngho Park, Executive Vice President of R&D Center, Amorepacific said, “it was meaningful to share the research achievement of Amorepacific R&D Center with researchers at the SCSK Spring Conference and to be recognized with awards” and added his commitment saying, “Amorepacific will continue its commitment toward developing the best innovative technologies to deliver the best products to customers worldwide.”

Established in 1968, The Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea (SCSK) is Korea’s key academic society in the field of cosmetics comprised of researchers in the field of cosmetics in Korea. It was relaunched as an incorporated association under the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in February this year.