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IOPE Opens Online Skin Solution Service ‘LAB To Me’

Global 2021-03-30
  • IOPE Lab Tailored 3D Mask and Serum available online
  • Unveiling ‘untact mentoring’, one-on-one ‘untact’ skin counseling service

IOPE’s innovative tailored 3D mask pack, which was only available at the brand’s store in Myeong-dong, Seoul, is now available online.

Lab-based high functional skincare brand IOPE has unveiled a service that offers skin solutions online called ‘LAB To Me’. LAB To Me, which literally means bringing the LAB to me, will allow customers to use IOPE’s professional skin solutions face to face offline or in an ‘untact’ manner online depending on personal circumstances.

It is especially notable that ‘Skin Future Solution’, ‘Lab Tailored 3D Mask’, and ‘Lab Tailored Serum’, which were only available to experience at ‘IOPE LAB’ in Myeong-dong, Seoul, are now available online for purchase and to make reservations. For ‘Skin Future Solution, which provides precision skin measurement and genetic analysis, customers had to bring their genetic test results in two weeks to IOPE LAB to receive service. But now, customers can choose to receive consultations online or offline on IOPE website. ‘Lab Tailored 3D Mask’ and ‘Lab Tailored Serum’, which were also only available by making an on-site reservation, are now available for customers to make reservations on the website. These changes improve convenience for customers by widening the scope of options, while removing unnecessary waiting time.

In addition, IOPE unveils its ‘untact mentoring’ service, which provides one-on-one ‘untact’ skin counseling to customers, through ‘LAB To Me’. ‘Untact mentoring’ is a program for skin counseling through one-on-one live chat with IOPE researcher for 30 minutes. With the program, customers can now receive counseling and solutions customized to their skin concerns from IOPE researcher at the convenience of their homes. The program is currently offered in pilot mode to customers who purchased Retinol products this year and will be expanded to all customers in the future.

Jihyun Bae, Senior Vice President of IOPE Brand Division, said, “customers who experienced IOPE LAB’s tailored solutions were all satisfied saying that it opened their eyes to their skin conditions. But there was an obstacle to this innovative service, which is that customers had to visit our Myeong-dong store. In the past, to overcome this obstacle, we focused on marketing in letting customers know of this service to attract more customers to the store. But as we experienced COVID-19, untact culture has become the new norm, and we have reached a conclusion that it is now time for our store and our services to go to our customers. We are committed to continue to improve so that high functional skincare brand IOPE can reach more customers and provide professional skin solutions through LAB To Me.”

‘Lab Geno Index’, a genetic analysis kit for IOPE LAB’s ‘Skin Future Solution’, ‘Lab Tailored 3D Mask’ customized to each individual face measurements, and ‘Lab Tailored Serum’, which delivers perfectly tailored cosmetics by enabling customers to choose formulation and solution, are available on IOPE website.