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Amorepacific Releases Post COVID-19 Campaign Video, ‘Corona Bloo:ming’

Global 2021-03-26
  • Releases a video to comfort everyone feeling tired and exhausted by prolonged COVID-19 pandemic
  • Mamonde brand ambassador Jo Soo-min takes part as narrator, proposing ‘wisdom of transforming corona blues into bloo:ming’

On March 26, Amorepacific released ‘Corona Bloo:ming’, a video with a message of comfort and encouragement to everyone who are tired and exhausted by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

The video, comprised of three episodes, holds a new perspective and a proposal by Amorepacific to look at the times of living in COVID-19 not with the so-called ‘corona blues’, but as a time to ‘bloom for myself, my family and neighbors.’

The narration in the video was done by Mamonde’s new brand ambassador actress Jo Soo-min. The actress delivered the campaign’s message of ‘wisdom of transforming corona blues into bloo:ming’ in a warm voice. Jo Soo-min gained popularity and adoration as character ‘Min Seol-ah’ in drama series, The Penthouse: War in Life.

Sangho Lee, Senior Vice President of PR Division, who planned the video, said, “we hope the video can give people a moment to look back on the preciousness of everyday life and welcome a hopeful tomorrow like flowers blooming in spring.”

The first episode of Corona Bloo:ming, ‘Bloo:ming for Me’ is available on Amorepacific’s official YouTube and Facebook channels. Episodes 2 and 3, which will share blooming stories of ‘family’ and ‘neighbor’, will be uploaded on Thursday, April 1 and Thursday, April 8, respectively.