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Amorepacific Develops Eco-friendly Paper Container Applying Patented Technology

Global 2021-03-12
  • Reduces about 70% of plastic use compared to previous containers, while increasing expiration date significantly compared to ordinary paper tubes
  • Plans to continue the path of ‘good technology’ incl. research on green packaging to reduce plastic waste

Amorepacific developed a technology of manufacturing paper containers that reduce the use of plastic by about 70% compared to previous containers, while increasing the expiration date up to 36 months.

▲ Samples of paper tubes made with Amorepacific’s patented technology

Plastic waste, which increased along with the increase in disposable products especially in the COVID-19 era, has emerged as a huge social issue. Amorepacific acknowledges the environmental issues triggered by cosmetic containers and has implemented various activities to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption. As part of such effort, the company has actively joined ‘2030 Cosmetics Plastic Initiative’ declared by the Korea Cosmetic Association in January this year to commit to resolving the issue of plastic packaging and to building a sustainable circular economy.

The development of the paper tube container technology is also a result of Amorepacific’s effort to reduce the use of plastic. Amorepacific has already developed a packaging method to reduce carbon emissions in 2010 and has applied it to the products of Ryo. As such, the company has continued various effort to create eco-friendly, green containers. Currently, it is fully equipped with a mass production system to manufacture the new eco-friendly paper tube packaging using fully domestic technology. Amorepacific plans to replace plastic tube containers of clean beauty brand primera with the new paper tubes in the first half of this year.

There has been, up until now, movements in the beauty industry to replace plastic containers. However, existing paper tube packaging had limitations of short expiration dates because of its poor airtightness nature compared to containers made with plastic or aluminum. Amorepacific combined a blocking technology using nano membrane to develop a paper container that can replace plastic or aluminum cosmetic tube packaging, while increasing the expiration date, for the first time in Korea. Furthermore, it ensured that the technology is advanced enough to be applied to products that contain functional ingredients, which require caution during storage. By applying this technology to the body of the tube packaging, except for the lid part which unavoidably uses plastic, the technology significantly reduces about 70% of plastic used. The technology also increases the airtightness of the container, allowing consumers to use products safely up to 3 years.

Amorepacific R&D Center Executive Vice President YoungHo Park said, “The technology is meaningful in that it commercializes a technology to overcome the previous limitations of existing paper containers, while ensuring the quality of cosmetics for long-time use” and added, “we are in the process of developing paper containers that are 100% compostable, while ensuring the products’ expiration date, as we plan to continue to unveil eco-friendly packaging.”