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Laneige Beauty & Life Lab hosted the first global symposium with retinol experts

Global 2021-01-12
  • Online academic conference attended by retinol research experts from home and abroad
  • Discussed benefits of retinol, research findings, and technology

LANEIGE Beauty & Life Lab of Laneige, a premium functional skincare brand, hosted the first global academic symposium on January 11th. This online symposium was under the theme ‘Retinol, the Almighty Anti-Ager: 27 Years of Innovative Research’.

Retinol, the form of vitamin A, is known for excellent effects on anti-aging and improving skin wrinkles. However, it is hard to stabilize that it requires technical skills to apply to the skin. Experts participated in the seminar delivered presentations on the history of retinol, application to cosmetics, and stabilization technology from an academic point of view.

Professor Christopher Griffiths of the University of Manchester in England, the first speaker, presented various factors, symptoms, and future research directions of skin aging under the theme of ‘Insights into skin aging’. Professor Lee Dong-hun of Seoul National University then introduced various perspectives on retinoids and the latest research trends through ‘Retinoid research for skin aging: Past and Present.’ Chang Chen-feng, a professor at Fudan University in China, presented a study on the effect of retinol on skin and its application in cosmeceuticals. Chae Byung-geun, a research fellow at Amorepacific, presented the 27 years of research results of retinol, which Amorepacific has continued since 1994 to expand its application from specific areas to the entire face by maximizing its effectiveness while minimizing irritation. Finally, He Quanquan, a chief researcher at Amorepacific Shanghai R&I Center, explained effects of modern lifestyle on skin aging and specifically presented the efficacy of retinol on skin elasticity decline and sagging caused by the posture when using smartphones.

Seo Byung-fhy, head of Laneige Beauty & Life Lab and the chair of the symposium said, “This global symposium was a meaningful opportunity to discuss in-depth research results and innovative technologies related to retinol” and "We will continue research to develop innovative products that provide immediate solutions to skin problems that customers around the world are worried about."

Meanwhile, Laneige Beauty & Life Lab, which aims to study modern lifestyles and offer skincare solutions and pleasant beauty experiences, will provide various solutions by analyzing customers' changing lifestyles based on big data and researching the relationship between the lifestyle and skin health.