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Amorepacific Group Practices ‘Less Plastic’

Global 2020-07-14

Amorepacific Group has recently launched several eco-friendly products such as products that have introduced ‘metal zero’ pumps in containers or products that use 100% recycled plastic.

These products are part of the Group’s practice of ‘Less Plastic’, a policy to reduce the use of approximately 700 tons of plastic packaging by 2022 and increasing recyclability.

The product that applied ‘metal zero’ pump is Grapefruit Essence Body Wash by Amorepacific’s total body care brand HAPPY BATH. The item’s packaging no longer uses a metal spring, which was placed to help pump up the content, and therefore can now be thrown out to be recycled without having to separate the parts. The container is also made with 100% recycled plastic and there is a perforated line along the outside film covering the surface of the container, making it easy to sort and recycle.

VITAL BEAUTIE’s Meta Green is another product that practices Less Plastic. The brand upgraded and rereleased the product as Meta Green Slim and Meta Green Gold, changing the previous capsule-type packaging that used PVC1 to recyclable bottle and pouch-type packaging. VITAL BEAUTIE plans to expand the use of eco-friendly packaging to all products, delivering health functional foods perfect for ‘greensumers’.

innisfree released a paper bottle edition of Green Tea Seed Serum by applying paper packaging on the container. It joined the Less Plastic movement by reducing the use of plastic in the container by around 52% (compared to previous large size container of 160ml*) and using 10% recycled plastic in its cap and shoulder. Both the paper bottle and lighter plastic container can be sorted out and recycled after use.

primera is also committed to developing Less Plastic products, for example, using a glass container and recycled plastic cap in its Super Black Seed Cold-DropTM Serum limited set. In addition, the product uses paper made from sugar cane byproducts, while also minimizing the use of paper overall by printing the product information on the container box using soybean oil ink2 instead of paper instructions.

Since Amorepacific Group published the first sustainability report in Korea’s beauty industry in 2009, it has published a sustainability report every year for the past 12 years. To achieve its Sustainable Operation Goals 2020 ‘A MORE Beautiful World’, which was redefined in 2017, Amorepacific Group continues to launch environmentally and socially-friendly new products and makes changes such as creating sustainable stores and conducting research on green packaging.

Amorepacific Group reduced 159 tons of plastic as of 2019 and strives to continue to implement various activities related to Less Plastic to protect the environment.

  1. 1 PVC: PVC is one of the most commonly used plastic. It is difficult to recycle and there are reports that it creates chemical substances during recycling process.
  2. 2 Soybean oil ink (soy ink): Ink made of soybean oil as an alternative plant-based oil, making it easier to shift towards recycled paper. Currently, primera marks all container boxes across its entire products with the words ‘Printed with SOY INK’.