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Opening of the 19th mise-en-scène Short Film Festival

Global 2020-06-25
  • Opened online for the safety of viewers and film industry members
  • Record number of entries of 1,197 films

The 19th mise-en-scène Short Film Festival (MSFF) ‘Imagination of Genre Exhibition’ began on Thursday, June 25. To join the ‘social distancing in daily life’ movement, MSFF signaled the beginning of the online festival of 7 days with an opening celebration video and the opening film, ‘Moving Self-Portrait 2020’ via Naver TV’s ‘mise-en-scène Short Film Festival (MSFF)’ channel.

The celebratory video released instead of the 9am opening ceremony contained video messages in support and encouragement of MSFF and short films by Festival Director Lee Kyoung-mi, Vice Festival Director Lee Sang-geun as well as honorary judges of actors and actresses Lee Ji-eun (IU), Oh Jung-se, Im Yoon-ah (Yoona), Lee Jeong-eun, and Lee Je-hoon.

Festival Director Lee Kyoung-mi said, “I have a longstanding relationship with MSFF since entering a film at the 3rd MSFF in 2004, and I am reminded of old memories as I take part again in the festival now as a Festival Director” and added, “although we are in challenging times due to COVID-19, film and audience can communicate in any way. So, please enjoy the short films as we endure these times together” as her message to viewers and fellow directors.

Honorary judge and actress Lee Ji-eun (IU) said, “I love short films as there are many films that capture the hearts of viewers in only a short time with implied meaning and messages delivered. I am honored to take part as a judge with the directors, actors and actresses I love”, sharing her affection for short films and her thoughts as participating judge for the first time.

CEO & President Ahn Sae-hong, who has been sponsoring MSFF since the first MSFF in 2002, said “I believe that if we challenge ourselves with new ways of thinking and in new ways, we can make our dreams come true. Like the directors that came into the world through MSFF now enhancing the prestige of Korean films on the global stage, Amorepacific will continue to support Korea’s film industry and filmmakers so that they can achieve their dreams on a wider stage.”

Although the festival is held online for the safety of viewers and film industry members, the participants’ passion for the 19th MSFF was heated than ever before. A record number of 1,197 entries were submitted to MSFF, while 57 films were selected as films to be showed, recording a 21:1 competition.

Out of the 57 films showing at MSFF, 55 will be released on Naver Series on as paid content starting from noon on June 25 (Thursday) to midnight on July 1 (Wednesday), respecting the wishes of the directors. The online Guest Visit video and teaser videos can be found on Naver TV mise-en-scène Short Film Festival (MSFF) channel, while overall information on MSFF can be found on MSFF website (