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Sulwhasoo opens 2019 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition “Micro-sense: House of Pattern”

Global 2019-10-17
  • Sulwha Cultural Exhibition is beauty brand Sulwhasoo’s annual cultural mécénat program
  • This year’s Sulwha Cultural Exhibition explores on traditional patterns such as butterfly, bird, flowers embedded in our everyday life

SEOUL, KOREA, October 18 2019 – Sulwhasoo, Korea's leading luxury beauty brand, hosts 2019 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition titled “Micro-sense: House of Pattern” at Amorepacific Headquarters in Yongsan, Korea from October 18 through December 29.

The 2019 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition highlights traditional patterns embedded in our everyday life. ‘Micro-sense: House of Pattern’ draws upon the themes of butterflies, birds and flowers—traditional patterns that are symbolic of happiness and beauty. The exhibition brings attention to the pragmatic and aesthetic values of traditional patterns in the context of our daily life from the unique perspective of contemporary artists.

8 artists including Leehong Kim (architecture), Sungjin Park (space design), Joolee Kang (drawing), Jinjin Kim (fabric), Jonghwan Baek (interior design), Daeun Lee (fashion), Eunae Cho (fashion), Kyungmo Choi(visual arts) participated in the “Micro-sense: House of Pattern” exhibit to reinterpret traditional patterns in a modern way. The exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in a microcosm of traditional patterns reinterpreted by contemporary artists by navigating five spaces set within the comfortable confines of the home—the living room, dining room, bedroom, powder room and the library. Classical art works, such as Butterflies, Flowers and Birds and Animals and Paintings Produced by Ten Painters serve as the thematic inspiration for this exhibition, as a lyrical point of departure to portray a variety of mediums and genres through contemporary art.

Now in its 14th year, Sulwha Cultural Exhibition is Sulwhasoo’s cultural mécénat program, originating from Sulwha Club, a cultural gathering created in 2003 to promote the beauty of the traditional Korean culture. Sulwha Cultural Exhibition weaves together the traditional and contemporary in a way that resonates across generations and keeps tradition relevant to young generation.

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