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Promoting Sustainable Consumption

Primera’s Love the Earth

Primera’s Love the Earth to Preserve the Disappearing Wetlands

Taking vitality of plants as the brand’s core value, Primera pursues various activities to support the preservation of wetlands where the vitality of Earth is accumulated.

The brand has been running an eco-campaign since 2012 and established the theme ‘preservation of wetlands’ in 2015 under the title ‘Love the Earth.’ Since 2017, Primera started working with the Ramsar Regional Center-East Asia (RRC-EA), borrowing their expertise to more directly engage in wetlands protection activities. By donating part of the sales proceeds from Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream Limited Edition to RRC-EA, Primera contributes to wetlands preservation activities in Korea.

In 2018, Primera organized travel events to visit the wetlands in Suncheon Bay to foster support and customer experience. The event took the form of a fan meeting with well-known YouTubers, delivering the meaning of the campaign through travelling together and experiencing products.