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Promoting Sustainable Consumption

Laneige’s Refill Me

Beautifully Refilling Myself, Life and the Environment through 'Refill Me' Campaign

Launched in 2016, Laneige Refill Me is a campaign that supports water stressed countries and contributes to preserving water resources. It is an activity to fill one’s self, life and environment through Refill Me Bottle that allows customers to drink water whenever and wherever, inviting them to reduce unnecessary use of plastic and disposable items.

The campaign was held every year in connection with key products, with the sales proceeds donated to NGOs in Korea, supporting projects related to drinking water and emergency relief and development around the world. In 2017, two underground water pumps were installed in Tana River County in Kenya where access to clean drinking water was around 55%. And in 2018, three additional pumps were installed.