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Incorporating Sustainability into New Products

Sustainable Paper Packaging

Amorepacific Group makes secondary packaging using the more sustainable paper packaging.

Amorepacific Group uses various eco-friendly paper materials such as FSC-certified paper and paper made of plant byproducts in carton boxes, the secondary packaging of products, in order to respond to deforestation.

FSC certification is an international certification granted to paper materials made from forests that are managed in a sustainable manner, not excessive logging. Amorepacific Group uses FSC-certified paper as well as paper made of plant byproducts, which combines discarded plant resources such as tangerine peel or seaweed with recycled pulp, as sustainable packaging materials.

Our various brands, including Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, Hera, Primera, Iope, and Hanyul, used FSC-certified paper in the carton boxes of 573 new product items in 2018. Innisfree used paper made from tangerine in the carton boxes of 153 new product items including Green Tea Seed Serum in 2018. And in the same year, Lirikos used paper made from seaweed and recycled pulp in the carton boxes of 9 new product items including its Deep Sea Waterfall Cream.