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Incorporating Sustainability into New Products

Minimize the Remaining Amount of Contents

Preventing Environmental Pollution by Minimizing Remaining Contents

Cosmetics of high viscosity easily leave behind remaining or residual content in a typical pump container. To resolve this issue, Amorepacific Group improved the structure of product packaging by using airless pump dispensers. By reducing the amount of residual content that gets thrown out along with the container after use, we prevent resources from being wasted and environmental pollution.

It’s easy for products with high viscosity to leave remaining content behind when the product is placed in a typical pump due to the container’s structure. To improve this problem, Amorepacific developed a dual container that leverages the airless pump method. In 2018, Illiyoon used this type of container for Ceramide Ato Lotion and Ultra Repair Lotion, among others. Through this measure, not only did the total amount of available content increase, but it can also lead to benefits of saving packaging resources in the long term.