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Shared Growth with Partners

A Virtuous Circle of Growth with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Amorepacific Group promotes the creation of jobs with competitiveness by offering consultation on safety and work environment to small and medium-sized partners.

Amorepacific Group is dedicated to supporting its partners in establishing a virtuous circle of building better competitiveness by establishing a healthy and safe workplace and securing good talent.

Safety and Work Environment Consulting for Partners

Amorepacific Group implements a project that supports key partners diagnose their current competency in the areas of labor, human rights, safety, welfare and work environment, develop ways to make improvements and establish a direction towards improvement. By offering consultation focused on safety and work environment that have a direct impact on the health and working environment of employees based on the diagnosis, we seek measures to strengthen the competitiveness of our small and medium-sized partners.

Matching Young Job Seekers with Outstanding Partners, Win-Win Employment Program

Small and medium-sized partners are always short of resources, while young job seekers struggle finding employment because of lack of necessary training. Amorepacific participates in the ‘Win-Win Employment Program’ that matches young job seekers with good partners, bridging between the youth and partners by selecting applicants, providing job training and matching them with partners they want.