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Pursuing Carbon Neutral

Environmental Policy & System Certification

Amorepacific Group strives to achieve a healthy co-prosperity between human and the environment.

We strive to minimize environmental impact caused by our activities by establishing environmental management systems at our production and distribution sites.

Amorepacific Group’s Environmental Policy

  1. We recognize that the entire process of our business activities affects the environment. We minimize environmental impact of our activities through the development, continued evaluation and improvement of environmental management system.
  2. We minimize emission of pollutants from the development of products to disposal after use through the prevention of pollution and the development of clean production technology to promote clean environment and meet customer expectations.
  3. We comply with environmental regulations and establish and comply with internal standards more rigorous than legal requirements.
  4. We enhance internal and external communication mechanisms by sharing information on environmental management activities.
  5. We fully acknowledge our corporate social responsibility to conserve the environment and actively participate in environmental preservation activities of local communities.

Environmental Management System Certification Status

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Amorepacific Beauty Campus Osan (2011) K-OHSMS 18001 (2004)
Amorepacific Daily Beauty Campus Daejeon (2000) K-OHSMS 18001 (2004)
Amorepacific Osulloc Production Site (2000) -
Amorepacific Beauty Campus Shanghai (2015) OHSAS 18001 (2015)
Amorepacific Logistics Center (2009) -
Aestura Healthcare Production Complex (2005) -
Cosvision (2008) OHSAS 18001 (2014)
Pacificpackage (2007) -