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Pursuing Carbon Neutral

Energy-saving Emulsification Process

Amorepacific Group continues to expand products that apply low-energy emulsification process.

Because cosmetic ingredients have different water solubility and oil solubility properties that makes it difficult to blend or mix at low temperatures, making a product requires a process of melting various ingredients at high temperatures followed by a cooling process.

However, generating high temperatures and then to cool the temperatures require a lot of energy. Since 2014, Amorepacific Group has continued to study the process of low-energy emulsification to mix different ingredients at low temperatures. Each year, the number of facilities and products that adopt this process has increased.

Products that apply low-energy emulsification process

Unit: items
  • 2018

    No. of products
    in 2018:79

  • 2017

    No. of products
    in 2017:43

  • 2016

    No. of products
    in 2016:36

No. of products