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Germination technology that unlocks the potent effects of seeds for your skin

Seed germination cosmetics brand Primera, which combines the words ‘prime’ and era’ to mean the era of prime, is dedicated to achieving healthy beauty by delivering the ‘prime energy’ created when seed sprouts directly to the skin.

Primera’s germinated ingredients have been developed and completed through studying the germination of about 500 different types of seeds across the world and Primera’s germination technology, which is the essence of its research. Primera focuses on the moment of germination when the vitality and nutrients of a seed peak during its entire lifetime, holding the nutrients of the healthy soil within. It attempts to deliver the energy of nature’s germination through its products, which was not something offered by naturalism brands.

Primera, which delivers nature’s prime energy, implements various activities to protect the Earth and the environment, including Love the Earth campaign and Let’s LOVE campaign, in an effort to uphold its unique eco-philosophy.

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