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Discovering Balanced Beauty in the Nature and Wisdom of Mothers for Generations, Hanyul

We have the traditional folk remedies that convey the hearts of our mothers who used to heal family members with the natural plants from Korea and traditional wisdom as well as affection and devotion. Hanyul is to look into the traditional folk remedies that have been handed down over generations and reinterpret the wisdom of nature and tradition within them. Traditional folk remedies are the beneficial science of life with a mild yet effective impact on body and mind that use the nature surrounding us.

As it is passed down from a mother to a daughter over a long period of 5,000 years, it is our own special remedy with added wisdom over time. Based on skin science technologies that have been accumulated for a long time, Hanyul is to blend the power of nature and wisdom that has survived over generations within the brand and its products.

Hanyul, Korean naturalism brand, presents ‘Yulryeo’, a balanced skin beauty from mild yet effective wisdom hidden in our nature.

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