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Promoting Sustainable Consumption

Mamonde’s Bee Happy Day Campaign

Mamonde’s Bee Happy Day Campaign for Bees in the City and Biodiversity

As a brand that studies the energy of flowers, Mamonde runs Bee Happy Day Campaign to prevent the extinction of bees that directly contributes to the propagation of flowers. Since 2016, Mamonde has been creating Honeybee Gardens, which are urban apiaries, in collaboration with a social enterprise Urban Bees Seoul.

Mamonde provides a habitat for bees in the city, which are quickly disappearing in numbers, by opening the ‘Mamonde Honeybee Garden No. 1 (Korea Scout Association building rooftop located in Yeouido)’ in 2016, the ‘Mamonde Honeybee Garden No. 2 (Community Garden in Seoul Forest)’ in 2017 and the ‘Mamonde Honeybee Garden No. 3’ at the Seoul Museum of Art in 2018. These activities are saving bees that pollinate one third of all flowers and delivering a positive impact on the overall ecosystem.