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Etude House’s Makeup Your Dream

Supporting the Dreams of the Youth, Etude House’s Makeup Your Dream

Etude House’s Makeup Your Dream, which is a campaign that encourages and supports the dreams of the youth that began in 2017, is a corporate social responsibility campaign to support young people who feel insecure about their future. ‘Youth Lecture’, which is a key activity of Makeup Your Dream Campaign, is a lecture where the youth seek encouragement and advice from ‘dream mentors’. Etude House held two Youth Lectures in 2018 in Seoul and Busan, delivering messages of hope to many young people.

Through proceeds generated by Makeup Your Dream Campaign, the ‘Dream Scholarship’ was given to 20 university students from low-income families who strive to make their dreams come true despite challenges. Dream Scholarship students of 2017 and installation artist Lee Hyoyeol did an art campaign together, presenting art performances for young people to take a break in life and installing artworks in ten places around Seoul, including Daehak-ro, Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, and Seochon, under the theme ‘We might have bloomed already.’ Through the activity, a warm message was delivered to many people.