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Fostering A Great Place to Work

‘Shared Office’ – A New Space for Working Together

We support open collaboration and creative work in our journey towards the future through ‘Shared Office’.

‘Shared Office’ opened on the 21st floor of Amorepacific Group Global Headquarters to support open collaboration and creative work among members. Shared Office is composed of four spaces for different purposes and it is a future-oriented co-working space that will contribute to fostering creativity and collaboration.

Shared Office of Various Co-working Spaces

Co-working Space 'Jang Yeongsil'

Jang Yeongsil (tentative name) is a co-working space that accommodates up to 200 people with an active and comfortable atmosphere like a coffee shop, reflecting the changes in the way we work. The space consists of flexible and various areas for small-group (2-6 members) casual meetings or large-group (more than 20 members) co-working sessions, depending on the type of work and the number of members involved.

Open Library ‘Jipyeondang’

Jipyeondang is an unmanned new concept library where members can study and debate in an open space, not where one would read alone in a stuffy, closed space. The space is also perfect for small scale seminars or events with speakers, supporting members to freely explore.

Ideation Space 'Hyeum'

Hyeum is an ideation space to explore projects in identifying new growth engines. It has a total of 10 areas. Each room is designed in different forms to support and encourage innovation, enabling members to carry out various activities depending on the nature of projects.

Discussion Space 'Hwajaeng'

Hwajaeng is a space for discussion and accommodates up to 90 people. It is designed to bring people together through passionate discussion and debate as a space to foster open discussions on various themes and topics.