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Fostering A Great Place to Work

Fostering Women Leadership

As a company that has grown serving women, Amorepacific Group is committed to securing and fostering women leadership. We implement various cultural activities and establish relevant policies to create a work environment where everyone can equally demonstrate leadership.

Women Leadership Development Programs

As the role of women leaders gain more and more importance in Amorepacific Group becoming a global beauty company, the Group manages an internal mentoring program (ABC Mentoring) to enhance the capabilities of women leaders and foster more women leaders. ABC Mentoring is a program where women executives share their experience and knowhows to newly promoted women team leaders or other women members, supporting them in performing their roles and leading corporate culture. In 2018, four women executives mentored eight mentees.

Maternity Protection Programs

Amorepacific Group strives to foster a work environment where members can achieve a balance between work and family. The Group runs a ‘Care for Expectant Moms’ program in an effort to create a more positive corporate culture for expectant mothers. The program promotes reduced work hours, prenatal tests during work hours and no overtime, in addition to educating team leaders and members to be considerate of their pregnant colleagues. The program also provides chairs, footrests and blankets to help relieve physical discomfort at work as well as stretch mark creams and supplements to take care of their health and beauty during pregnancy. Furthermore, new mothers are encouraged to take maternity leave to protect their maternity. Amorepacific Group also runs in-house daycare centers at Global Headquarters, Yongin R&D Center and Beauty Campus Osan and implements flexible working hours during infancy of the child. In 2018, the number of employees on parental leave remained at a similar level to previous years at both Amorepacific Group and Amorepacific. And the share of employees who work for more than 12 months after returning to work from parental leave is maintained at over 80%.